Sunday, June 20, 2010

TOUR PICS: Spain, Portugal, Italy and More...




Running out of gas in spain

Kevin in Spain

Kwik E Mart in Spain

Pontevedra Spain

Porto Portugal

Castle in Portugal

The road in Spain

Dinner in Italy with Times New Viking

The Coliseum

Dam Funk in Rotterdam

Coffee house in Rotterdam

Leaving our hitchhiker friend Priscilla at a gas station in Germany


Cora and Kevin at the Police station in Monaco

Our van was broken into in Monaco

Genuine Italian Pizza Box


The Van

Small shop in Portugal

Streets of Porto

Beaches in Porto

Damain in Porto

Garden in Porto

TOUR PICS: Better late than never THE UK

Andrew with Phil Lynott in Dublin Ireland

Shipyard in Scotland

Kevin in Scotland

Ferry from Northern Ireland

Road Crew: Jon on sound and Virgine on Lights

Graveyard in Ripley England

Kevin and English Breakfeast

Last day of the Tour

Friday, April 9, 2010

TOUR PICS: Germany & Denmark

Last week we drove up through Scandinavia and played in Malmo, Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg & Copenhagen. This week we're in Germany and working our way down to Spain and Portugal....

Damian with graffiti in Berlin


Church of our Saviour in Copenhagen

Cora with graffiti in Berlin

Last step at the top of the spiral staircase above Church of our Saviour

Damian Djing on his PSP in a park in Berlin

Berlin wall

Andrew is afraid of heights

Coolest organ ever in Copenhagen

The spiral staircase of the Church of our Saviour in Copenhagen